Your car is more than just a means of transportation; it’s your personal space, your sanctuary on wheels. But daily use can take a toll on your vehicle’s interior, leaving it in need of some tender loving care. That’s where Empire Auto Detailing’s Interior Cleaning service comes to the rescue. We understand the importance of a clean and comfortable cabin, and our expert cleaning solutions will breathe new life into your vehicle’s interior. Here’s everything you need to know about this transformative service.

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The Step-by-Step Process

Our Interior Cleaning service is a comprehensive process designed to revitalize your car’s interior. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

1. Thorough Vacuuming and Blowout
We start by thoroughly vacuuming and blowing out the interior, ridding it of crumbs and dirt to create a clean foundation.

2. Pretreatment
Seats and carpets receive a pretreatment with an interior cleaner, loosening stubborn stains for easy removal.

3. Agitation
Leather seats get special attention with cleaner and brushes, ensuring a thorough and gentle cleaning.

4. Steam Cleaning
We use a combination of brushes and steam to effectively remove deep stains from various surfaces.

5. Extraction
Seats and carpets undergo extraction to eliminate trapped dirt and spills, restoring their cleanliness.

6. Panel Restoration
We deep clean door panels, dashboard, and the center console to remove stains and restore their original appearance.

7. Protection
A high-quality leather conditioner is applied to moisturize and protect leather seats.

8. Vinyl Protection
We apply a protective dressing to door panels, dashboard, and the center console. Additionally, we thoroughly clean the interior glass for a well-protected and crystal-clear interior.

Timing Matters

Our Interior Cleaning service typically takes between 3-7 hours, depending on the condition of your vehicle’s interior. If you desire headliner cleaning, we offer it as an additional service at an extra cost. Please understand that complete stain removal cannot be guaranteed due to various factors.


Tips and Considerations

Choose Empire Auto Detailing’s Interior Cleaning service to rediscover the fresh and clean feel of your vehicle’s interior. Book now and give your seats, carpets, and door panels the attention they deserve.

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