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Achieve the ultimate gloss with our paint correction service, removing 50-85% of paint defects. It’s an extensive process that may take days, resulting in a shine comparable to a freshly painted car.

The Process

1. thorough hand wash

Our thorough hand wash eliminates dirt and grime, restoring the paint’s appearance, and leaving your vehicle paint spotless.

2. Wheels and tires

We perform a deep cleaning of wheels and tires using a range of specialized brushes, ensuring they are free from dirt and grime, and looking their best.

3. Clay Bar

We utilize clay bar treatment to effectively eliminate above-surface contaminants, leaving your vehicle’s paint smooth, flawless, and ready to shine.

4. iron decontamination

Our iron decontamination service eliminates stubborn iron particles, ensuring a smooth and flawless surface for your vehicle while enhancing its appearance and protecting against corrosion.

5. Glass & Tires

We thoroughly clean your vehicle’s exterior glass to achieve crystal-clear visibility, while also dressing your tires to give them a sleek, shiny finish that lasts.

6. Compound

Our compound paint step is designed to eliminate heavy defects, removing approximately 70-80% of imperfections, ensuring a smoother and more flawless surface.


Our polishing process enhances the clarity of your paint, eliminating remaining scratches and restoring a smooth and glossy finish to your vehicle’s exterior.


Our thorough isopropyl alcohol wipe-down ensures optimal surface preparation for your vehicle, removing any polish residue and creating a clean canvas for ceramic coating application. 


Our meticulous ceramic coating application process ensures a flawless finish. Experience long-lasting protection, enhanced shine, and superior resistance against environmental factors. Transform your vehicle with our expert craftsmanship.

* This process can take anywhere from 2-3 days and must be done in a garage location or dropped off in Perris, Ca.


Sedan / Coupe
$ 850 Mustang, Camry, Civic
Mid Size SUV / Truck
$ 1000 Tacoma, Highlander, Blazer
Full Size SUV / Truck
$ 1200 Expedition, F-150, Suburban

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the most tedious work but the most rewarding when completed in the detailing industry. When you see your vehicle in direct sunlight or even without sunlight and you notice tons of swirl marks and your paint is missing that glossy look, you know your vehicle can use a nice paint correction to level out the paint and remove those defects. If you care about your vehicle’s paint and plan on keeping your car for a while, a paint correction should be something you should consider. Not only will it bring back the look of your paint but it could even save you money from your paint getting damaged and having to repair it at a body shop. About 80-90% of scratches and swirl marks get removed in this service. There can be some scratches and stains on your vehicle that may not be able to come off due to it getting past the clear coat. Your vehicle is taken care of in this service, I will test to make sure we have enough clear coat on your paint with a gauge prior to performing this service. Our process of paint correction consists of a compound with a microfiber pad to remove the heavy defects from your paint, and then follow up with a foam pad with polish to remove the leftover scratches and the hazy look from the compound. By using a 1-inch polisher, 2-inch, 3-inch and 5-inch we will ensure to get in between all of the tough areas in the paint. Every paint correction gets coated with a one-year ceramic coating, you can add a longer-lasting coating at an extra cost upon request.

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Tips About This Service

  • Take advantage of our complimentary maintenance wash within 2 months to assess the condition of your paint and coating.
  • Plan for a paint correction to take up to 3 days, so make appropriate arrangements for drop-off or garage availability.
  • Please note that paint correction cannot fix peeling clear coat; repainting may be necessary in such cases.
  • If a scratch has gone beyond the clear coat, a paint correction won’t be able to remove it completely.
  • Say goodbye to swirl marks with our paint correction service; it’s designed to eliminate them.
  • Maintain the results of your paint correction by washing your car properly to avoid reverting to its pre-service appearance.
  • Ensure long-lasting protection for your paint with our maintenance washes specially designed to preserve its quality.
  • Request free test spots before booking to see the potential impact of a paint correction on your vehicle’s appearance.
  • Extend the durability of your coating by opting for a 3 or 5-year option at an additional cost.
  • Remember, a paint correction is an investment in restoring and enhancing the look of your vehicle’s paint.


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Drop-off services are available in Perris, Ca.

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