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Wash &


Looking to give your paint that extra pop and protect it from the California heat? Our wash and wax service delivers a showroom shine, enhancing your vehicle’s appearance with a smooth, glossy finish.

The Process

1. Through hand wash

Our thorough hand wash eliminates dirt and grime, restoring the paint’s appearance, and leaving your vehicle paint spotless.

2. Wheels and tires

We perform a deep cleaning of wheels and tires using a range of specialized brushes, ensuring they are free from dirt and grime, and looking their best.

3. Clay Bar

We utilize clay bar treatment to effectively eliminate above-surface contaminants, leaving your vehicle’s paint smooth, flawless, and ready to shine.

4. iron decontamination

Our iron decontamination service eliminates stubborn iron particles, ensuring a smooth and flawless surface for your vehicle while enhancing its appearance and protecting against corrosion.

5. Glass & Tires

We thoroughly clean your vehicle’s exterior glass to achieve crystal-clear visibility, while also dressing your tires to give them a sleek, shiny finish that lasts.

6. Wax application

We apply premium wax to your vehicle, creating a durable shield that enhances its shine, protects against environmental elements, and keeps your car looking immaculate for longer.

* This service will not remove scratches or water spots. This service will take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the size and condition of the vehicle.  


Sedan / Coupe
$ 160 Mustang, Camry, Civic
Mid Size SUV / Truck
$ 190 Tacoma, Highlander, Blazer
Full Size SUV / Truck
$ 220+ Expedition, F-150, Suburban

Wash and Wax

Introducing our mobile wash and wax auto detailing service in Riverside. Our experienced team will leave your vehicle with a smooth, glossy finish and protection against the Southern California heat. With over 100 cars waxed in our career, we guarantee top-notch results.

Prices start at $160, with different rates for coupes and sedans, midsize SUVs and trucks, and full-size SUVs and trucks (starting at $190 and $220+ respectively).

Our comprehensive service includes a thorough hand wash, deep cleaning of wheels and tires, drying with microfiber towels, cleaning the gas cap, clay bar treatment for a smooth paint surface, iron decontamination, exterior glass cleaning, tire, and trim dressing, and finally, machine application of wax.

Please note that this service does not remove scratches or water spots. The wax or sealant applied can last up to 6 months with proper maintenance and provides excellent protection against the California heat. While it may temporarily fill in some scratches, regular waxing is recommended to preserve your vehicle’s factory-clear coat.

Take a look at our gallery showcasing previous wash and wax vehicles, and book your appointment with us today for a stunning, glossy finish that will make your vehicle stand out on the road.

5 star Mobile detailing


                   Tips about this service.

  1. -A wax will not remove scratches. Learn more about Paint correction.  

  2.  This wax/sealant will last you up to 6 months with proper maintenance

  3.  This service may fill in some scratches on some vehicles for a couple of months

  4. Wax/sealants provide great protection from this California heat
  5. I do recommend getting this service done at least twice a year to prolong your vehicle’s factory clear coat.


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Drop-off services are available in Perris, Ca.

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