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Get that fresh, clean feel in your vehicle’s interior with our professional interior detailing services. We understand the importance of a comfortable and well-maintained cabin. Prolong the life of your seats, carpets, and more with our expert cleaning solutions.

The Process

1. Vacuum

Thoroughly vacuum and blowout the interior to remove crumbs and dirt, ensuring a clean foundation.

2. Pretreat

Pretreat seats and carpets with an interior cleaner to loosen stubborn stains for easy removal.

3. Agitation

Agitate leather seats with cleaner and brushes, ensuring a thorough and gentle cleaning.

4. Steam Clean

Use a combination of brush and steamer to effectively remove deep stains from various surfaces.

5. Extraction

Extract seats and carpets to eliminate trapped dirt and spills, restoring their cleanliness.

6. Panel Restoration

Deep clean door panels, dashboard, and center console to remove stains and restore their original appearance.

7. Protection

Apply a high-quality leather conditioner to moisturize and protect the leather seats.

8. Vinyl Protection

Apply a protective dressing to door panels, dashboard, and center console, and thoroughly clean interior glass for a well-protected and crystal-clear interior.

* Our interior cleaning service typically takes 3-7 hours, depending on the interior’s condition. Additional headliner cleaning is available at an extra cost. Please note that complete stain removal cannot be guaranteed due to various factors.


Sedan / Coupe
Starting at
$ 180 Mustang, Camry, Civic
Mid Size SUV / Truck
Startng at
$ 210 Tacoma, Highlander, Blazer
Full Size SUV / Truck
Starting at
$ 240 Expedition, F-150, Suburban

Interior Cleaning

Welcome to our premium mobile auto detailing service in the Inland Empire. We take pride in offering a range of exceptional services, including our Interior Cleaning package.

Our thorough Interior Cleaning service includes a comprehensive set of steps to ensure your vehicle’s interior is restored to its best condition. We start by vacuuming and blowing out the entire interior to eliminate crumbs and dirt. Seats and carpets are pretreated to loosen stains, and leather seats receive specialized attention with gentle cleaning and conditioning. Stubborn stains are agitated with brushes and steamers, while seats and carpets are extracted to remove deep-seated grime.

We don’t stop there. Our team also focuses on deep cleaning the door panels, dashboard, and center console to restore their original appearance. Vinyl pieces of the interior receive a protective UV coating for three months of added durability. Lastly, we take care of your interior glass to ensure it’s crystal clear.

Please note that the duration of this service can vary depending on the condition of your interior, typically taking between 3-7 hours. If you require headliner cleaning, we offer it as an additional service at an extra cost. While we strive to remove all stains, please understand that complete stain removal cannot be guaranteed due to various factors.

Choose our Interior Cleaning service to experience the fresh and clean feel of your vehicle’s interior once again. Book now and give your seats, carpets, and door panels the attention they deserve.

5 star Mobile detailing


                   Tips about this service.

  1. With a full interior detail, expect seats and carpets to be 70-90% dry, depending on weather conditions.

  2. A thorough spot check of the interior is conducted for quality control before completing the service.

  3. Check the interior after we leave. If any areas are still wet or stains reappear, inform us within a week for a return visit.

  4. Headliner cleaning is available upon request for an additional charge; it won’t be cleaned unless specifically requested and paid for.

  5. Remove personal belongings prior to the appointment for a smoother process



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Drop-off services are available in Perris, Ca.

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