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Enhance and protect your vehicle’s paint with our mobile ceramic coating service in the Inland Empire. Enjoy long-lasting protection, easy maintenance, and a high-gloss finish for years to come. Book now for ultimate paint protection.

The Process

1. Through hand wash

Our thorough hand wash eliminates dirt and grime, restoring the paint’s appearance, and leaving your vehicle paint spotless.

2. Wheels and tires

We perform a deep cleaning of wheels and tires using a range of specialized brushes, ensuring they are free from dirt and grime, and looking their best.

3. Clay Bar

We utilize clay bar treatment to effectively eliminate above-surface contaminants, leaving your vehicle’s paint smooth, flawless, and ready to shine.

4. iron decontamination

Our iron decontamination service eliminates stubborn iron particles, ensuring a smooth and flawless surface for your vehicle while enhancing its appearance and protecting against corrosion.


We thoroughly clean your vehicle’s exterior glass to achieve crystal-clear visibility, while also dressing your tires to give them a sleek, shiny finish that lasts.

6. Polish

Our professional polishing service targets and removes light swirls, restoring the paint’s brilliance and enhancing its overall appearance. Please note, heavy scratches and water spots may require additional treatments.

7. isopropyl alcohol wipe down

Our thorough isopropyl alcohol wipe-down ensures optimal surface preparation for your vehicle, removing any polish residue and creating a clean canvas for ceramic coating application. 

8. Ceramic coating application

Our meticulous ceramic coating application process ensures a flawless finish. Experience long-lasting protection, enhanced shine, and superior resistance against environmental factors. Transform your vehicle with our expert craftsmanship.

* This service will take anywhere from 6-10 hours depending on the size and condition of the vehicle.  


We offer three options, each with a different duration of ceramic coating longevity.

1 Year Starting at​
$ 400
3 Year Starting at
$ 600
5 Year Starting at
$ 750

Ceramic Coating

Introducing our Mobile Ceramic Coating service in the Inland Empire! Experience the buzz around this industry trend that offers long-lasting protection and a high-gloss finish. Our ceramic coatings act as a glass-like shield on your vehicle’s clear coat, providing numerous benefits and longevity. With options ranging from 1 to 5 years, our coatings offer easy maintenance, protection against California heat, and a freshly ceramic-coated look after every wash.

Choose from our Light Polish packages, paired with different duration ceramic coatings. Prices start at $400 for a one-year coating, $550 for a three-year coating, and $750 for a five-year coating. Each package includes a thorough hand wash, deep wheel cleaning, clay bar treatment, iron decontamination, paint polishing, isopropyl alcohol wipe-down, and application of the ceramic coating.

Before booking, keep in mind that the service requires a clean location and a garage is appreciated. While the coating will remove light swirls and scratches, heavy defects may require paint correction. Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure the coating’s longevity, and we offer maintenance services to assist you. Please note that ceramic coatings do not fill in scratches.

With our Mobile Ceramic Coating service, you’ll have the shiniest car among your peers. Don’t miss out on this worthwhile investment for long-term vehicle protection.

5 star Mobile detailing


                   Tips about this service.

  1. Consider providing a garage space for the service to ensure optimal conditions for the work.
  2. Please note that this service cannot be completed in outdoor locations with dirt or dust exposure.
  3. Our service includes the removal of light swirls and scratches during the polishing stage.
  4. To maintain the longevity of the coating, regular vehicle maintenance is crucial. We recommend washing the vehicle at least once a month.
  5. Remember, proper maintenance is key to preventing the ceramic coating from failing. We offer maintenance services to support the longevity of your coating.


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